Meet the founders

Integrity Investment Management (IIM) was established by Andy, Becky, and Charley. Who are the three founders?

Andy Bloomers, a former bond salesman, had decided to change his career path and became a successful investment portfolio manager. He quickly gained a trusted following and built a reputation for his expertise and integrity.

Becky Gersonde. retired from an investment firm and shared Andy's passion for providing quality investment advice, joined forces with him to ensure that their friends and clients continued to receive excellent service. Becky had a strong dedication to doing what was right for her clients, and her commitment to their financial well-being made her an invaluable addition to the partnership.

Charley, a long-term friend of both Andy and Becky, eagerly seized the opportunity to join the team and contribute his operational and other talents to the firm. With his expertise, Charley aimed to support the overall functioning of the company and enhance the quality of service provided to clients.

However, amidst the founding of Integrity Investment Management, tragedy struck, and Andy Bloomers passed away. In honor of their great friend, Becky and Charley remained determined to uphold the promise they made to open the firm. They established Integrity Investment Management as a lasting tribute to Andy's memory and his dedication to serving clients with honesty and integrity.

Integrity Investment Management (IIM) stands as a testament to the enduring friendship between Andy, Becky, and Charley, as well as their shared commitment to integrity and exceptional client service in the investment world.